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For those suffering with chronic joint pain that hinders everyday activities, choices for treatment can seem limited. There’s always a doctor visit, the shot for temporary relief and, typically, the inevitable surgery.

Fortunately, an alternative to the traditional medical model is one phone call and a free consultation away, thanks to the experts at NeoGenix Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapies. 

Now with locations in Charlotte, which opened in 2020, and new to Cornelius, open since 2023, Co-Founder and Director of Operations Niko Miles couldn’t be happier to offer patients a natural, ethical and honest option – the “gap” between seeing a doctor and conceding to surgery.

“We pride ourselves on doing the right thing for every patient,” he explains. “We don’t offer false hope. If we truly feel we can’t help a patient with his or her chronic pain issues, of course we would refer him or her for surgery.”

Healing joint pain without surgery, however, is their primary goal. The top benefits of NeoGenix are impressive – no surgery, no medications, no downtime.

At your free initial consultation with a board-certified medical doctor – Dr. James Altizer at the Charlotte office and Dr. Richard Kuzma at the newest Lake Norman location – you’ll receive a physical examination of your area(s) of complaint, a review of your medical history and a review of your current diagnostic imaging, such as an x-ray or MRI. If you don’t have current imaging, the doctors can order imaging or perform an ultrasound as part of the free consultation.

“Ultimately, the patient decides if we are a good fit,” Niko adds.

With natural tissue regeneration, stem cell and regenerative therapies are the only treatments addressing the underlying causes of joint pain. They are successful for pain in the knees, shoulders, hips, back and other joints – but knees, backs and shoulders are the most common ailments seen at NeoGenix. Treatments here are also endorsed by both amateur and professional athletes, and NeoGenix works with the top physical therapists in the Charlotte area to provide ongoing healing. As Niko explains, “The patient has to do his or her part, as well! Rehab is an important part of our process, and physical therapy is essential to help with muscle weakness, incorrect muscle firing patterns and compensation issues. We are going to help the joint, muscle, tendon or ligament heal properly. Someone else has to correct the rest.”

NeoGenix has more options to choose from than any other clinic in the Carolinas, including “The Super Shot,” Bone Marrow, Adipose (Fat) Tissue and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The practice encourages all prospective patients to do their own research before scheduling a consultation, and there are thousands of credible research articles and clinical studies out there to read.

NeoGenix Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapies is located at 16147 Lancaster Highway, Suite 140, in Charlotte, and at 19475 Old Jetton Road, Suite 102, in Cornelius, 704.727.6551. Email for more information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @neogenixstemcells, and learn more about their treatment and therapy options at


“If you are looking for alternatives to surgery and excellent individualized care by a board-certified physician, look no further! For years, I’ve been told that I would eventually require knee replacement surgery for both my knees. I also struggled with my back. I finally reached a point where both knees were bone-on-bone, and I could no longer walk without a walker or cane. I am only 57 years old, and I did not want to go through two surgeries under anesthesia for my knee replacements. So, I researched all available alternatives. Stem cell treatments looked promising, and I contacted a number of offices that provide the treatments using stem cells harvested from my own body. The consultation at NeoGenix – which included the exam, x-rays of my knees, back and hips, and evaluation with explanation of my joint degeneration – proved to me that NeoGenix was the best choice for my care. The x-rays revealed I also had degeneration of my left hip, so I received stem cell treatments in both my knees, my lower back and my left hip in the office – minimally invasive and no anesthesia required! I am absolutely amazed with the results! I was hopeful it would help, but the results are exceeding my expectations. My right knee is 100% mobile and pain free! My back, hip and left knee have had 75% improvement, and I just received a booster of PRP in those areas, so I expect continued results. I am thrilled to be able to walk without a walker or cane now and look forward to joining in on sports with my friends as I continue to heal. While insurance may not cover these treatments, I would have spent the same out-of-pocket on my deductibles/co-pays had I gotten the knee surgeries, and sadly, nothing would have been done for my back and hip. Those would have continued to deteriorate and cause immobility, leading to probable back and hip surgeries in the future. Health is priceless! Thank you to the skilled doctor and knowledgeable, caring staff at NeoGenix! ~ Catharina H.


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