Orangetheory Mooresville: Focused on Life!

The certified personal trainers at Orangetheory in Mooresville truly believe the work you put in at their studio makes all the difference out there in your personal world – and wherever your day-to-day journey takes you!

Once you’ve only barely stepped into the studio, you are already drawn to the multiple flashing colors up on the large screen – that’s their heart rate monitoring technology hard at work. Amazingly, it is capturing the unique heart rates of nearly one million members worldwide, and soon, you will have a good feel for what these colors actually mean for you!

The studio, now with eight employees, has been at this location since April of 2017, and owner/operator, Daniel Schloss, walks us through the importance of the technology.

The OTbeat technology is all about real time heart rate training,” he explains. “While working out, your heart rate will obviously go up and down based off your effort and intensity. With the monitoring system, members can see exactly what their hearts are doing, and, over time, they can see how their hearts have strengthened and how their performance has improved.”

Your results are sent to you and stored in the Orangetheory App, so you can see how you have improved over time with Orangetheory’s many benchmarks and specialty workouts!

What makes heart rate-based interval training so effective?

“Heart rate interval training manipulates the heart rate to respond to the effort and intensity,” says Daniel. “Some days we focus on endurance and being able to do more steady training, and some days may be power days, which really gets into explosive movements and working your fast twitch muscle. Other days we work strength and inclines to build the overall body.”

At the end of the day, Daniel explains, it’s all about functional training: You strengthen your heart and muscles to be able to do everyday activities and you feel good about it.

“Yes, you may get sore, but soreness is great when you’re getting more life out of your workouts and your day-to-day activities!” he says. “We really emphasize being able to complete the workout at your own pace,” says Daniel. “We are for all levels of fitness from beginners to the advanced lifters and runners … we have people who have never worked out, all the way to pro athletes. Our amazing coaches are certified to offer plenty of options for any injuries to make sure you are getting a great, safe workout.” 

You don’t have to look far to find what’s different about Orangetheory Mooresville: It’s the community. By the way, member ages range from 14 to 78!

“When you walk into our studio you can feel the family atmosphere,” says Daniel. “The staff loves to get to know all members, and there are always people to meet and new friends to make while getting in a great workout.”

The following testimonials say it all!

“Orangetheory has helped me gain strength, improve my endurance, lose weight, and live a much healthier lifestyle. The community makes me feel positive and upbeat about taking on new challenges.” – Allison Kaufman

“After taking six months off from my regular workout routine due to foot surgery, I decided to give OTF a try. Fast forward four years, and I’m still a dedicated member who goes 5-plus times a week. Every workout is different and can be modified for any fitness level.” – Kelly Tummillo

“My family started working out at Orangetheory about three years ago, after a good friend and coach at the Mooresville location, Holly Bosman, thought we would enjoy the challenge. After the first workout, I was hooked! If you have a teenage son or daughter, it’s also a great way to spend an hour bonding with them!” – Jim Williams

“This was my first time attending an Orangetheory class, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. The staff was unbelievable, and I can’t thank them enough. I can’t wait for my next class!” – Hayden M.

“The coaches are incredible and genuinely care about every member! I’m so thankful for the amazing people I’ve met under the orange lights!” – Kristen Whiteside

“I joined in 2018 and had never really exercised before. I was 50 years old and basically starting at square one. I have accomplished so many goals thanks to the amazing support from the trainers and the incredible friends I have made there. I started out walking but now I can run!” – Tina Tillson

Y’all know that Golden Girls theme song? Turns out it was actually written for this place! The coaches make you feel welcome every single time, and sometimes we have so much fun, for a split second you forget how sweaty and tired you are. You’re a pal and a confidante, OTF!” – Jackie Young

“I like that I schedule my workout – it’s a fixed amount of time and I can plan it. The workout summary reaffirms I made a difference in my health and wellness!”– Adam Barish​

Orangetheory is located at 631 Brawley School Road, Mooresville, NC, 704-626-7515. Hours are 5:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. daily. Visit for information on classes and membership packages.


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