Simple Schooling at Home: Simple Seasonal Ideas!


Fall is upon us! The next few months are filled with changing temps, a slew of holidays and yes, all things pumpkin spice! It’s also a wonderful time to plan some activities to incorporate fun traditions with learning experiences built in.  Here are 10 suggestions to get you started! 

Lists! Lists! Lists! 

Making lists can be fun for the kiddos! There are plenty of things to check off over the next few months where lists can come in handy. Start with a “bucket list” of  tasks such as pumpkin picking, pie making, caroling, etc. Don’t forget to keep track of gifts you need to get and your family’s holiday card list. (Addressing those cards is another great idea for your students!)  

Check online for holiday themed worksheets for math, spelling and more! 

Simple searches online helped us come across sheets that had us counting down the 12 days of Christmas, multiplying jack o’lanterns and more. We’ve even come across some fun word searches filled with yummy Thanksgiving terms. 

A Thankful Project.

Encourage your kids to put together a collage of things they are thankful for. They can cut pictures from magazines or simply draw or paint their own! Display it proudly at Thanksgiving and beyond!

Let your kids create place cards for the holiday table.

Older kids may want to practice their calligraphy or cursive skills while your littles may love making paper turkey feathers and writing the names of family and friends in colorful crayon. They will be proud when everyone takes their place at the table. 

Have kids create homemade holiday decorations

Paint pumpkins, gather leaves for colorful collages,  or start to collect pine cones for various art projects that can brighten your home or make great gifts! 

Teach kids how to make some of your favorite holiday recipes. 

Did you toast pumpkin seeds after carving your jack o’lantern when you were young? How about the candied yams your favorite aunt taught you to make that one Thanksgiving? Practically everyone has a favorite sugar cookie recipe hibernating in a recipe box somewhere. Break out those step by step instructions and teach your kids how to make these mouth watering treats! Measuring skills and a little bit of chemistry are automatically included.  

Involve kids in making their Halloween costumes. 

No need to be a formal seamstress here! Get creative with them using old clothes, cardboard and other craft items to make spooky attire worthy of those full size candy bars! 

Choose a local charity to get involved with. 

Soup kitchens, food collections or other events designed to help the less fortunate con provide wonderful experiences for your entire family.  

Introduce your kids to scheduling fun things on a calendar of their own. 

In today’s digital age, many families use their devices to organize all of the activities, appointments and events scheduled. Have your kids put up a traditional paper calendar where they can fill in family birthdays, trips and other fun holiday activities planned. 

Have them read the events section of local publications to seek out fun holiday events for your family to attend.  

Many local publications, including LKN Magazine, have sections that list upcoming activities in the area. Encourage them to highlight those that look interesting to them for the family to do together. 

The busy nature of the fall season can be stressful. Creating learning experiences that relate to all the business can add the fun factor back in. Start planning now and follow those timeless traditions. Or, simply start new ones! 


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