Tempo Golf Club: The Ultimate Golf Experience … Close to Home!

photography by CARRIE ALLEN

If you’re ready to tee off for a new adventure, Tempo Golf Club in Huntersville has arrived just in time!

Those who know owners Matt and Kristen Wilson well, can definitely feel the kindred connection between their new business and their vivacious personalities.

“Anyone who knows us will tell you we love activities!” says Kristen. “We are always planning, designing, or building something, and we want to create memorable experiences for our friends, family, and everyone we meet along the way!”

The two built Tempo Golf Club based on the love and spirit of golfing, inviting all levels of experience and abilities to join in the fun. They also found inspiration from daily life — mainly the many obstacles that can get in the way of spending time on the course! Both Matt and Kristen have marketing backgrounds, and share the ideal vision for what makes this concept work so well.

“There are often too many reasons making it difficult to get out there and play,” says Kristen. “While outdoor activities are certainly beneficial to the mind and body, it isnt always practical. Limited time or availability, weather conditions, or hectic family schedules — there’s a list of reasons in the way!”

Matt and Kristen have lived in Huntersville for three years, after deciding in 2015 to try out a new city as their home.

“We landed in Charlotte. Later, we were blessed to become pregnant with our daughter, and decided the LKN area was the perfect place to start our family,” says Kristen. “Community, neighbors, and friends are really important to us. We feel grateful to have found a great community — The Greens at Birkdale Village — for our daughter to experience.”

Golf, it seems, has played an integral role in their relationship from the start — with Matt taking Kristen on golf dates as often as possible. And as the story goes, when Kristen was six days overdue with their daughter in February of 2021, she told Matt there was an open tee time at Birkdale, and she invited him to golf — while hitting every bump with the cart to “get things moving!” 

“It was a cold, rainy day, but we were ready to meet our little one — Parker — who arrived soon after, safe and sound!”

Whether you are a scratch golfer trying to shave a stroke off your handicap, or someone who has never picked up a club, Tempo Golf Club has an activity just for you.


“We are one of the first, most accurate, and most fun golfing experience in the greater Lake Norman and Charlotte area!” says Matt.

The simulators offer 500+ courses from around the world — including the beautiful course in Augusta, GA! — along with an array of fantasy courses and practice scenarios. Picture yourself with a few friends having a cold beverage right here, while visiting a beautiful course you might not otherwise get to experience — without ever leaving Huntersville.

The club offers four professional golf simulator bays and one augmented reality putting area. Golfers can receive real-time feedback with images, video playbacks, and data on each swing.

“The augmented reality putting green offers similar play environment and training, with ball path tracking, data to improve your short game, and other fun things like tic-tac-toe and PuttPong — we want to make sure golfers of all skill levels can enjoy their time here!” Matt adds.


Guests can book tee times in hourly increments, sign up for weekday business memberships, and request private events. The team is also planning to create regular leagues and monthly competitions, and partner with local instructors to make lessons available. 

“We want to be positive, contributing members of the community,” says Kristen.“We hope that by creating an approachable, community-focused business, we can bring the great game of golf to even more people.”

For these new business owners, community is everything! Their mission to make this popular, low-impact physical activity accessible and enjoyable for all is a win-win for golf enthusiasts living anywhere near the Lake Norman area!

Tempo Golf Club is located in Huntersville at 10410 Arahova Drive, Suite C. Visit their website tempogolfclub.com to schedule a tee time, and follow them on Instagram @tempo_golfclub for events, promotions, and updates. Email info@tempogolfclub.com, or call 704-274-5946 for more information. Hours are Monday through Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Friday & Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., and Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Sometimes getting out to play is tough, as golfers know all too well. Tempo Golf Club hopes to change that for youth, for ladies, for pros and bros, for everyone, and for you. The course is undefeated. You cannot win golf. You cannot score zero. But you should sure as hell try!” — Matt Wilson


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