The Publisher’s Perspective: July 2023

Welcome to the July issue of LKN Magazine! We are delighted to present another edition brimming with captivating content. Our aim is to provide you with an enchanting escape and […]

What generation are you?

What separates Baby Boomers from Generation X, and what are the special characteristics of Millennials? And hey there Gen Z and Alpha babies…welcome to the party! What is the cutoff […]

Health & Wellness: Let’s Be Real

by LINDSEY FISHER@LF Health & Wellness We are not a “one size fits all” society. We don’t all walk the same way, speak the same language, listen to the same […]

Aurora Flora: Finding Peace & Connection

“When someone gives flowers to me, it says, ‘I honor you. I see you. I’m thinking about you.’ I have loved being part of people’s special moments — watching mothers […]

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