At Forsyth Magazines, we’re aficionados of shopping adventures. Since 2010, we’ve orchestrated over 16 shopping extravaganzas! We thrive on turning an ordinary Saturday into an extraordinary shopping spree where you […]

A Bow of Gallantry Volume XIV

by TYLER A. HAMPTON You routinely hear the quote “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  My rebuttal to that is “why not just dress for […]

A Bow of Gallantry Volume XII

by  TYLER A. HAMPTON After a busy holiday season and taking a little breather in January, A Bow of Gallantry is back… I’d like to personally thank all of you […]

A Bow of Gallantry Volume IX

Just like that, we’re into October… While I love the Summer, this is always a welcome change for me: the populous calendar of events, brisk mornings, vibrant colors in nature, […]

A Bow of Gallantry: Volume VIII

by TYLER HAMPTON Summer and its joys have come and gone. Vacations are memories and kids have returned to their classrooms. It may be a bittersweet time of year for […]

5-step Closet Edit System

by SABINA KAHN How often do you find yourself standing in front of your full closet and not knowing what to wear? As the fall season draws near, it’s a […]

A Bow of Gallantry: Volume VI

by TYLER HAMPTON When it comes to the South, summertime heat can seem nearly unbearable, but that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. The world’s best fabric mills work […]


by SABINA KAHN Insider Tips for Effortlessly Rocking Fabulous and Confident Looks Beyond Cute Summer Dresses! While fashion magazines may tout ‘cute’ summer dresses as the must-have trend each year, […]

A Bow of Gallantry: Volume V

by TYLER HAMPTON People often ask me how I arrived in the clothing and fashion industry, and my answer never wavers: it’s a personal interest. There were essentially no men’s […]

The Perfect Dress: A Mother’s Time to Shine!

photos by CARRIE ALLEN Owning and managing The Perfect Dress boutique in Mooresville is a dream come true for  mother-daughter team Dina and Brooke Haugstatter. Guiding customers to find the […]

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